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Male Infertility

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Male infertility pertains to the incapacity of a male to cause a fertile female pregnancy. It accounts for 40 to 50 percent of infertility in humans. About 7 percent of all men are affected. Male infertility is usually caused by semen deficiencies, and semen quality is used as a substitute for male fertility. The infertility diagnosis starts with the search for hormone imbalances, medical conditions, or genetic issues.

Hypothyroidism and Infertility

Your Thyroid and Fertility Hypothyroidism and infertility have a direct connection to each other. When your thyroid is underactive, your metabolism will be slowed down which can cause you to experience problems with your menstrual period.

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Lubricants and Infertility

Are Lubricants and Infertility Connected? Once you and your partner have decided to have a baby there are many things to remember about what you should and shouldn’t do. You may be questioning lubricants and just

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Hypogonadism and Male Infertility

Couples who are undergoing testing for infertility problems will be checked out for a variety of different factors. One of the leading causes of infertility problems is hormone imbalances. One important male hormone that is needed for

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Diabetes and Male Infertility

Diabetes and Male Infertility is linked to many different diseases and continuing research indicates this disorder can adversely affect the quality of a man’s sperm and eventually lead to infertility as well as pregnancy complications for women.

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